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Our international experience and professionalism follow the most demanding needs of professional clients, supporting reliable dealers, traders, architects and interior designers, completely independently managing the development and realization of requested tasks.


Founded in 1998 on the basis of many years of experience in the field of production program and wholesale. ZZ DESIGN LUXdevelops an internationally oriented company that connects the best in the field of interior designa.


Long-term cooperation with foreign partners has enabled us to present our products on other markets as well. In 2022, ZZ Design Lux became an international partner of the company Milesi & Partners Ltd, which markets products from our production program on the Western European market.


Injection of polyurethane foam


ZZ Design was among the first to start producing chairs made of polyurethane foam (PU), under high pressure. Our high-tech machine is capable of mass production.

The injection volume of the machine ranges from 200 grams to 8 kg. Where the injection of polyurethane foam (PU) is 800 grams per second.

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Before injecting polyurethane foam (PU) into specially made molds, a metal frame is placed in each chair model, which gives stability and durability to the product.


In addition to the PU foam injection machine, pipe bending is done on the most modern computerized CNC machine, which performs bending, radius, arc and similar operations in the same set program.

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